Welcome To The Foundation Academy Online College And Career Center!

One of the biggest challenges that High School College/Career Advisors face is getting information out to all of the stakeholders within a school system. And one of the biggest challenges for both parents and students is staying informed of changes and important information throughout high school. Not to mention trying to remember it all!

With our new online College and Career Center we hope to make this task a little less daunting.

On this site, you will find one "course" for each grade level of our upper school. The content inside each course is accessible to both Foundation Academy parents and students (grades 7-12). While some of the information will be the same from one year to the next, there is new information added to each grade-level that they did not have in the prior year.

To make things convenient, you can access all course content from your desktop computer, or by downloading the Teachable App on your phone!

The "progression" of information from year to year is strategically put together in an effort to avoid overwhelming any one grade-level. We also include the information that we believe is most pertinent and time-sensitive for each grade. This is why the 12th grade "course" looks very robust, while the 7th/8th grade course is much more "minimalistic."

Here are a few of the things that you will see inside the various "courses" (depending on the grade-level).

  1. Tutorials On The College Admissions Process
  2. Our 8th/9th Grade ACC (Academics, College, and Career) Meeting's turned into a webinar format
  3. Tutorials on Navigating Naviance
  4. Documents on scholarship opportunities, FA course catalogues, Jr/Sr Checklists, Test Prep/Tutoring Services, Bright Futures Information, and more!

We also have a "course" called "Frequently Used Upper School Forms" where you can quickly access the most commonly used forms for Upper School students (service hours, pre-arranged abscences, etc.).

And lastly, this blog will have regular Guidance-related information posted to it moving forward. Things such as local events, useful articles from other sources, and important reminders.

Simply click on the SIGN UP button at the top of the page to register and enroll! And then be sure to download the "Teachable App" on your phone to access the course content on the go!